Dr. Lawrence and Dra. Marian SDE

Manor Hotel, Baguio City
St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Photo: Bobby de los Santos(Redfox Photography)

To have and to hold, for richer or for poorer,until death do us part…

Those who knew the love story of? Dr. Lawrence and Dra. Marian will probably say that those lines fit the couple to a tee.They have been through a lot and the blessings of the church was something they both wanted after years of struggling with their 2 kids who were born prematurely.

Their love was tested early on but it didn’t stop them from loving each other. I hope you can find inspiration in their undying love and commitment for one another. And hopefully, just like in a fairytale, Dr. Lawrence and Dra. Marian will live happily ever after…
Here’s? their love story written by Dr. Lawrence

24 Responses

  1. docohm Says:

    very beautiful wedding, i personally liked the impromptu dance number during the reception, hehehe… congratulations lawrence and marian.

  2. Mike J. Says:

    inspiring love story…
    i like the vows…. parang gusto ko ma inlove muli hehehe… i like the dance number, too. Congratulations Dr Lawrence and Marian

  3. Ninang Charo Says:

    Beautiful wedding…remember your vows to each other. Always include Jesus in your partnership to guide and nourish your love and marriage. Best wishes & congratulations!

  4. benly s. formoso Says:

    what a wonderful wedding!
    I’m happy for you both, cuz..
    God bless you always and your family… Continue loving each other…

  5. Pix Says:

    Its such a beautiful wedding… everything turned out better than I have imagined… I love the way you say the vows to each other and the way you danced together… Best Wishes and Congratulations!

  6. Ninang Kris Says:

    My best wishes again Dr Lawrence and Dr Marian. Perfect wedding… Bongga! Live with your vows and always put “GOD FIRST” For real, you will live happily ever after.

  7. Uncle Andy n Auntie Lina Says:


  8. Lawrence Says:

    wow! stunning bride, highlighted by a great videographer, you made us look like movie stars. hehe! Thanks! Keep up the creative style of taking wonderful memories.

  9. docnuke Says:

    Your wedding was indeed a great story by itself. I wish that it will spell the rest of your married life…happy, sacred, and meaningful. We are so happy for both of you – rj, jho & baby rianne

  10. the nurse Says:

    the wedding is classical yet it is genuinely combined with modern style which makes it more interesting and unique. beautiful indeed!

  11. the medtech Says:

    such a lovely couple!!! a very solemn match with serenity and sincere vow of the couple… it makes you to understand the true meaning of love…

  12. marin Says:

    watching your video?? So happy !!!!! as well as in real life ang ganda ng storyline… hehehe yung sayaw niyo sa reception? kahit di ko nakita i know that you’d make it right and perfect… your wedding is so happy i like it magaling ung nagconceptualize at nag choreo ng dance wedding niyo… best wishes…. ang ganda sobra….. congratulations….

  13. O'Hara family Says:

    was impressed with documentation, beautiful, quick and polished 🙂 such a happy well thought out wedding celebration! Congratulations tita marian and tito lawrence, truly a happily married couple 🙂

  14. Virgilio Jr. Says:

    Yo Cuz! I check it out. wow …galing naman nung gumawa…parang pang-commercial ang dating.pilipino talaga magaling sa mga video and editing.good one : )

  15. Ming Says:

    Hi mar!! I saw your video! I love it. I am happy to see you both happy as a couple, but most especially YOU! You are indeed blessed, with 2 cute boys and a loving husband, and a promising career. Wherever we may be in this world (US – Philippines) what matters is that you are all together.

    I understand difficulties Marian, and it must have been so hard for you to struggle with yours. I understand. But in the end, you have come out a winner – both of you.

    I loved both of your happy glows in the video. That is PRICELESS!! I wish I was there with my boys. I would have loved to share the moment with you. I miss you mar. Seeing you in the video made me realize I miss my true friends all the more. I hope to see you again.

  16. Donna Says:

    Law, saw your pics and video …..parang mga artista nakita ko ah, Rudy & Lorna 🙂 ang dating and even better!!! Again, congratulations to both and of course to the family
    I only have one word……………AWESOME!

  17. marian Says:

    im satisfied with the outcome of the same day edit. i love seeing my kids as well as lawrence nervous, excited and blooming. our guests were impressed and we all owe that to aggarzavdeos especially to sir garry – brilliant

  18. garry Says:

    Thank you guys for your kind words!:)

  19. garry Says:

    Thank you Dr. Lawrence and Dra. Marian for picking and believing on us.See you again soon!:)

  20. van Says:

    great video… sarap ulit-ulitin… the mood of the wedding was captured perfectly… congratulations… love you guys.. stay happy:)

  21. Marvin Rey Veloso Says:

    Wow! I am so happy for you Marian! Nice to see you again in this video. 😉

  22. cjay Says:

    Great couple! wish you both all the best in life and a happy family. 🙂

  23. maryamanahan Says:

    im so happy for both of you!this is truly aplomb and adoring…. your kids r your gifts from HIM! CONGRATULATIONS!
    stay in faith!

  24. marya ethel manahan Says:

    hi marian & lawrence!
    Congratulations and Best Wishes!
    I am truly happy for you….everything is adoring and both of you are aplomb! Your kids are indeed His gifts to you…. Keep the faith and here’s wishing you endless love forever….
    despite time and distance, i remain to be just here for you marian….and now to include lawrence and your kids as well!
    May you always be showered with all the blessings you both truly deserve!
    Your wedding is awesome – its one of a kind. something well thought of and indded full of labors of love….

    all the best!