MARK & BETTINA Same Day Edit

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Photo: Chito Cleofas

It was just black and white. No in-betweens. No period of doubt or hesitation. And that was how it was during Mark’s and Bettina’s wedding.

It was the day that only the bride can wear white. All members of the family and guests agreed to wear black. After all, it was Bettina’s special day. Bettina’s jovial self turned emotional as she walked going to the altar where a smiling Mark awaits her. If you see her in a playful mood before the wedding, that would all change during their exchange of vows, as she reads her own promises.

From their color scheme to their well-written vows, this couple is far from traditional. Despite their formal looking motif, the couple wore matching Chuck Taylor shoes. No wonder they enjoyed their dance. Their sure and steady steps will surely bring them to a wonderful lifetime journey.

Best wishes!

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