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Now I know what it feels like to be inside a pressure cooker. For someone who breathes and lives for SDEs, I take pressure seriously. I have stayed this long in the biz because I want to meet, if not exceed, my clients’ expectations. So when Liezl, a loyal follower of this blog booked her wedding, the expectation meter went to the highest notch. And make that double high. Liezl has a twin sister, Lizette. When she got married last December, Lizette got another wedding videographer. Just thinking about the possible comparison filled my stomach with butterflies. But we pressed on. So on Liezl’s wedding to Joseph, I was all gutsy, and mushy (check out their vows) from one moment to the next.

Joseph, who looked so dapper by the altar, used to court Lizette. But Lizette has some other things on her mind. Liezl, who has a crush on Joseph, told her twin sister to suggest to him to court her instead. And the story ends by the altar, where during her vows, Liezl told a bit of their love story. Talk about partnership among twins. And they even got to discuss who is more beautiful between the two of them during the preparation. Lizette doted on her twin by being her make up artist, stylist, matron of honor and reception emcee.

All that twin love got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another me?:)


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