Daryl and Beverly SDE // Brunei Darussalam

Here is my second overseas post for the month of September. With several out-of-the-country bookings this year, let me show you a little piece of Brunei.

Remember them? I have earlier posted their save-the-date video here . Their altar date finally arrived. I found myself among the many Filipinos this Brunei couple trusted. From the gown to the makeup to the photos to the SDE, we Filipino suppliers were on hand. Amazing that this couple trusted Filipino talents for their wedding day!

Amidst the culturally rich wedding celebration we witnessed in Brunei, we still saw Daryl and Beverly – our paint-splashing couple that never fails to radiate the love they have to those who surround them. The wedding ceremony may have seen tears fell, but it also heard peals of laughter as all the guests saw how our newlyweds were meant for each other.

Best wishes, Daryl and Beverly!


and their Photo Montage:)


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