TEEJAY & GRACE Same Day Edit with UAV

“Go for it! Go for it!”

Pop quiz time. These words could very well be coming from:
a coach to his ward, much like saying, “Go for the gold!”
a dad to his son, during a basketball game
a priest after saying, “You may now kiss the bride.”

The correct answer is C. At the sight of the newlyweds too shy to kiss, the priest clearly egged them to do so. “Go for it!” It was an instruction no new newlywed couple could refuse. Teejay and Grace obeyed the officiating priest in an instant.

In my many years as a wedding videographer, I have observed that many emotions rule a wedding, no matter what. There’s joy, nervousness, calm, and excitement. But what really strikes me most every time is when I see the groom and his reaction upon seeing his bride walk down the aisle. I make sure I catch this. For me, it is priceless.

Congratulations, Grace and Teejay!

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  1. safiya Says:

    Congratulation to the newly wed..
    Thank you for sharing your very unforgettable moments in your life.. I really enjoy watching..

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