Finding a better half can be likened to meeting one’s soul mate. For others, it can be knowing their best friend. Still, some pin their hopes on luck and destiny. But there are also others who, like Janette, think that it can be an answered prayer.

I thank the Lord for giving me a wonderful gift. Kasi yung taong pinapag-pray ko, pinagpe-pray din pala ako.” (I thank the Lord for giving me a wonderful gift. It is because the one I was praying for was also praying for me.)

I am back in the country from an overseas vacation. But before you think that I was all-play, wait till you see my overseas creations which I will be featuring soon here.

There is no one right way on finding the person we get to end up with for life. But there surely is one way of reliving the precious memories of your wedding day. Videos. SDE. Aerial wedding film-making. So do call me, not maybe, but surely.

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  1. philippine wedding videographer Says:

    Congratulations! You really had the best gift. The wedding is fabulous! Nice video! 😀

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