Oct 5

Who would have thought that the “Meynard and Madonna love team” would surpass the challenges of time? Even surpassing the most formidable love teams in Philippine showbiz history. And it is all because all those years were needed to prove that they are meant for each other.

Knowing each other since they were four years old, the bride and groom practically grew up with each other. But their love history did not immediately reach the “I do” part. There were circumstances and distances that kept them apart. Only to find themselves brought together by the right place and the right timing. Now that they are happily married, they owe not just their education to UP but also their destinies. Now, their secrets are out – they have been crushing on one another since they were teenagers. While it may have taken them years to realize that they are meant for each other, some people around them have taken an early notice. Since they were gradeschoolers, they were already considered as a love team, with most of the teasing coming from the groom’s side of the family. Now, that is an unbeatable  track record for a love team.

Magical love story? Indeed. Tears during the wedding? Buckets. Happiness? Overflowing. Love? Abundant!

Congratulations Meynard and Madonna!