Mar 27

“Though  one  may  be  overpowered,  two  can  defend themselves.  A cord  of  three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

That line is Jeff’s and Angie’s special verse. Not only do they have a special Biblical verse but they also have a logo which you will find at the end of the SDE I am sharing with you. Quite obviously, this is a couple who knows exactly how they want things done for them. The song I have used for their SDE is their special request. They have personalized every wedding detail and saved their unique and special experience for the altar – their first kiss.

As a wedding filmmaker, I value and love my couples’ inputs. In this particular case, Jeff and Angie truly owned their moment.

Congratulations, Jeff and Angie!


Feb 21

“Go for it! Go for it!”

Pop quiz time. These words could very well be coming from:
a coach to his ward, much like saying, “Go for the gold!”
a dad to his son, during a basketball game
a priest after saying, “You may now kiss the bride.”

The correct answer is C. At the sight of the newlyweds too shy to kiss, the priest clearly egged them to do so. “Go for it!” It was an instruction no new newlywed couple could refuse. Teejay and Grace obeyed the officiating priest in an instant.

In my many years as a wedding videographer, I have observed that many emotions rule a wedding, no matter what. There’s joy, nervousness, calm, and excitement. But what really strikes me most every time is when I see the groom and his reaction upon seeing his bride walk down the aisle. I make sure I catch this. For me, it is priceless.

Congratulations, Grace and Teejay!

Feb 23

Hyatt Hotel
Don Bosco Parish
Photo: Bobby De Los Santos(Redfox Photography)

This wonderful couple lived out their fairy tale. She was Cinderella, and He was the Prince Charming. They danced but come 12 midnight, Cinderella left her Prince and one of her shoes. So the Prince looked for her. And just like in the fairy tale, when they saw each other again, they lived happily ever after.

It was a pleasure to shoot this one-of-a-kind wedding where the bride and groom gladly played their part in their fave romantic tale during the reception. But contrary to what might have been expected, the carriage didn’t turn back into a pumpkin. Instead, this Cinderella came in a dazzling white convertible. Feast your eyes on our SDE to find out what why our team gushed at the bridal car.

To you, Jed and Jasmine, best wishes to your happy ever after!

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