Jan 29

What takes time? A lot of things take time. In fact, everything does. Most especially, good things take time. This is why patience is a virtue, because time entails waiting. And what wonderful things await those who can wait.

Angelo and Joji are both blessed to know the virtue of time. After all, good relationships don’t just happen. They do take time, patience, and two people who truly want to make it work. Much like building a cathedral where no stone is unimportant, no detail is ignored. Our couple has just secured a stable foundation for their family life, starting with this romantic wedding at Manila Cathedral.

Congratulations, Angelo and Joji!

Sep 30

Sofitel Hotel
Manila Cathedral
Le Pavilion
Photo: Redfox Photography(Derek de los Santos)
Song: Lovely by Michelle Tumes

Dec 15

December 12, 2008
Manila Cathedral
Villa Immaculada
Photo: AMG Photography

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