Dec 16

National Shrine of Sacred Heart
1 Esplanade
Photo: Bobby De Los Santos

Point of view. Punto de vista. Point de vue. Der Standpunkt.

Whatever language you use, your point of view will always depend on where you are standing on. For so many years, the idea of a “point of view” has been my inspiration. I may not be the first in this business but I know that my mission is to offer another way of viewing things, another way of telling your wedding story. I must say that I have a long-standing love affair with aerial shots. Yes, aerial shots, and let’s be very clear on that, lest my wife protests. In 2008, I pioneered offering aerial shots. Up until this year, I had to rely on another provider to use cranes and remote-controlled helicopters. But this year, last month to be exact, I finally got myself a UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle. With my UAV taking flight from the ground, the concept of bird’s eye view takes on a different meaning. This is what I want to offer to my clients, another view.

Luckily, you will have a glimpse of the wonders an UAV can do for your weddings. Pao and Karen went for this option. Theirs was a light-hearted but solemn wedding celebration. But the UAV turned the affair’s sophistication into fascination by giving classic and fun shots a royal view. For a start into their married life, I think Pao and Karen have it good, now that they have a complete view.

Congratulations and best wishes,Pao & Karen!

Jul 21

Makati Shangri-La
National Shrine of Sacred Heart
Mandarin Oriental
Photo: Chito Cleofas

Jul 14

New World Hotel
National Shrine of Sacred Heart
C3 Events Place
Photo: Bobby De Los Santos(Redfox Photography)