Feb 11

HMUA: CJ Jimenez
Photographer: Lucky Cruz
Coordinator: Rhed Sarmiento

A woman may forget how many steps it took her from the bridal car to the altar, but never how it made her feel beautiful and complete.

A groom may forget how many hands he shook that day when his vows were declared, but never how it made him feel strong and loved.

Over the years, they may forget how long they have waited before they tied the knot, but not how much it was well worth it. MJ said, “Nandito na tayo.” They have indeed arrived. Their past has helped them reach their future, where they will be spending the rest of their forever.

Congratulations, MJ and Ma’anne!

Dec 4

“Why does this place look different from how I know it?” – is a common reaction to footages taken by my aerial camera. I am not surprised though because I know that perspectives are relative to where you are positioned. Things look different from above. Things look different in the eyes of someone in love. And obviously, Mark and Hazel only have eyes for each other. So I guess my aerial camera is really a perfect match to weddings. It can capture details that the heart can truly appreciate, beyond what our eyes can see.

Congratulations Mark and Hazel!

Jan 17

Oakwood Hotel
Nuestra Senora de Gracia
Wack Wack Golf and Country Club
Photo: Bobby De Los Santos(Redfox Photography)

Don and Tin were crying and all-smiles, at the same time. A rare occurrence such as this can only happen on the couple’s wedding day. Theirs was full of surprises; it is no wonder they were wonderfully emotionally charged that day. When Don proposed to Tin, the only thing she said in between tears were, “again?” Their wedding day is also Tin’s birthday. So Don gifted Tin with an Ipad, and of course, the sparkling rock on her ring finger.

To Don and Tin, here’s to a lifetime of wedding bliss! Best wishes!