Nov 29

Balai Taal
San Antonio de Padua

This wedding coverage is made special by two things. One is a glimpse to forever. When our radiant bride declared, “We will grow old together,” you simply know that they are deeply committed to keeping their love alive through the years. It was an “awww” moment, even for me who has stood to hear a lot of wedding vows spoken.

The other thing that made this coverage special is a glimpse of the present. It is that little shadow of a helicopter you will see at the aerial shot of the wedding gown. That heli is piloted by yours truly. This is the first time I piloted the aerial helicopter for my own shoot. It was nerve-wracking but gave me a different kind of high. And I swear I will do it again! Expect more aerial shots in my future posts.

Congratulations, Ryan and Janice! Thank you for making me part of your wedding and I am glad to have you two in my own milestone.

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Dec 8

Taal Vista
San Antonio de Padua

Apr 23

Vanilla Suites
San Antonio de Padua
Splendido Taal
Photo: Redfox Photography