Jan 13

Real men wear pink. Even if a song has said that ‘boys don’t cry,’ real men do. It is not the first time in all of wedding history, neither is it rare, that a groom shed tears upon seeing his bride walk down the church’s aisle. Jordan did when the church’s main doors opened to reveal his bride. Admittedly surprised by his sudden surge of emotions, Jordan was the happiest man alive at that moment to be finally meeting Vecca at the altar.

And one more thing about a real man, he never stops trying to show a lady how much she means to him, even after he got her to his side. Moments before the ceremony, we became witnesses to one of Jordan’s acts of chivalry. In the midst of the busy preparations, he never forgot to make Vecca feel special through a gift. Now, who wouldn’t be emotional when the perfect day you have been dreaming of, is turning out to be the best day ever?

Congratulations, Jordan and Vecca!

May 26

Marriott Hotel
Basilica Minore de San Sebastian

Serendipity (when one finds something that one was not expecting to find) ruled the stars the day they first met. That day, she was supposed to meet a good friend of hers. Instead, she met Christopher. One day led to five years. Russel Ann attests that they have never been apart in those five years since. Destiny led them to this altar date in May.

Every detail of their wedding was meant for them. From the magnificence of the Basilica Minore de San Sebastian where they professed their love, to the grandiose of their reception at the Marriott Hotel in Newport City Complex where they shared their love with family and friends, down to the wedding bands they now sport on their ring fingers. Everything fell into place, as destiny has written their love story.

If there is one thing that Christopher’s and Russel Ann’s story could tell us, that would be – love finds us when we least expect it, at a day and time we won’t totally have any idea about. So go out and let love find you!

Our best wishes to our newly weds!



Jul 5

Hotel Sofitel
San Sebastian Church
Century Park
Photo: Bobby De Los Santos(Redfox Photography)

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