Feb 14

Bellevue Hotel
St. James Parish
Fernbrook Gardens
Photo: Derek De Los Santos(Redfox Photography)

To live for one’s true love is the right thing to do.  But to be willing to die for one’s love is the ultimate sacrifice. And the priest proved this when he asked Christian and Claire if they are willing to die for one another. The couple answered without hesitating, unflinchingly bold in their declaration. Neither did they show any signs of tearing up. Yes, if love calls for their lives, they will give it up.

This couple showed great strength in their characters and in their union. So this Valentine’s Day video post is dedicated to love that’s ready to weather any storm. Thanks to Christian and Claire for the inspiration.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Nov 16

St. James Parish Church
Fernbrook Gardens
Photo:  Ian Santillan
OTD:  Chi Hernandez-Abarquez

Percy & Orievie won the full wedding video package we auctioned last year at w@w.

Our schedules couldn’t match that’s why i was only able to meet with the couple 3 days before their big day… And that’s when I learned that Fr. Erick Santos will be the one officiating on their wedding.

I’ve heard so much about how good Fr. Erick is with his homily that’s why we made sure that the audio will be captured clearly on our video. True enough, his message captivated not just the couple but all of us who witnessed the ceremony…

In this video we included bits and pieces of what he said…take a peek on the lovely marriage of  Percy and Orievie, celebrated at St. James in Alabang and officiated by Fr. Eric Santos.

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Jan 27

Orchard Golf and Country Club
St. James the Great Parish
Photo: Raiden Photography

“This will be” . . . A very lovely and meaningful song this come about with the remarkable wedding of Luke and Dianne. Remarkable because it is reflected on the SDE my team and I made. Imagine this song that they have chosen is perky and pushy for they want their wedding to be of happy atmosphere. Surprisingly, it turnes out to be everyone in the church got touched and pearls begin falling from their eyes while Dianne was walking down the aisle… Its was indeed a tears of joy.

Moments like these are few amongst my wished to capture into my artistry, this file shoot will definitely have a space on my favoured collection.

Luke and Dianne . . . My thanks!

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