Oct 26

St. Peter Church
Century Park
Photo: Jayson  & Jo Anne Arquiza

There was a certain amount of pressure shooting the same day edit of Jerwin & Kim. After all, Kim has been actively promoting us at w@w even though we have yet to shoot her sde video.

Talk about trust and confidence for aggarza. I knew i just had to make it extra special for the couple who made us ‘special’ too.

Good thing that Kim knew what she wanted for her video from the choice of song, ideas on angles and shots she prefers, among others. It was just a matter of execution and we’re glad we’re able to deliver.

We also had the pleasure of working with Jayson & Jo Anne  Arquiza of  Redefined Weddings for the first time and got some great shots thanks to them.

To you Jerwin and Kim, Cheers and Best Wishes!

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