Mar 13

John and Andrea’s wedding was both festive and dramatic. A countdown ushered their first day as husband and wife. Their union was met with thunderous applause from all their loved ones present. All these materialized because of a third party (a different kind of third party) – the officiating priest. The officiating priest or minister truly holds a big role on any wedding celebration. And in this wedding, the priest really livened up the celebration because he had so willingly shared the spotlight with the bride and groom. Our priest here smoothly glided between making the couple feel at ease with his light banter and in solemnizing the wedding rites. What a great start for John and Andrea!

Congratulations and best wishes!

Feb 1

That very brief moment before the church doors opened to reveal the stunning bride and see her take a step towards the altar is enough to make any man, and most especially if you are as eager as the groom, melt in his knees. In Ruel and Rica’s wedding, we saw how magic enveloped everyone inside the Caleruega Chapel. The instance Rica’s first step landed on the church’s doorway, floodgates of tears opened. Everyone was simply tearfully overjoyed. It was purely understandable that in the face of the realization of one’s long-time dream, tears of joy will find its way out.

It was sweet. It was magical. Thank you for letting us film you in a most tender moment of your wedding. Congratulations and best wishes, Ruel and Rica!

Nov 5

If there is an early bird booking in my books, I guess this would be it. This wedding was booked as far back as 2009. It can’t be denied that the depth of their preparations show in how seamless everything flowed on the wedding day.

But no matter how composed the bride and groom are, their emotions are bound to run ahead of them, just like what happened with Chester and Judy. They couldn’t help but shed tears of joy during the recital of their vows. Even if Chester managed to pull a joke, he still had everyone wiping a tear or two.

Congratulations, Judy and Chester!


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