May 10

Sonya’s Garden
Transfiguration Chapel

When we get a wedding booking, we make sure we do everything right the first time. After all, for wedding filmmakers  like us, there are no second cuts or re-takes. But the pressure escalates when you get a second booking from the same family (of the bride) that trusted you before. Not to mention that the groom has been actively involved in the selection of videographers. Good thing we got a lot of help that day, from no other than the bride and groom themselves!

Jom and Precy were so relaxed, showing no signs of being emotional on their special day. Not even when their family and friends were shedding quiet tears of joy as they say their vows. The newly weds were so natural that they need no prodding for the cameras. And just as  light-hearted as they were, the couple even danced before everyone else during the reception. They were as they are, happy and in love, even as the world watches them dance and tease each other.

Congratulations Jom and Precy! Thank you for letting us live up to the trust.

Jun 1

Transfiguration Chapel
Caleruega Clubhouse

Feb 19

Summit Ridge Hotel
Transfiguration Chapel
Casablanca Private Mansion
Photo: Redfox Photography

Shoot and edited by my another team.

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