Feb 14

It is that time of the month when there’s so much talk about love. As it has once been said, love may not make the world go round but it surely makes living worthwhile. And I know that this month is especially meaningful to a lot of couples that I have filmed in their weddings. After all, we all know that a simple day can turn into a lifetime destiny. That a “Yes” can turn into “I do.” And so to play cupid this time, let me all greet you a love-filled Valentine’s Day!

The inter-island wedding of Romeo and Faye comes to mind. I was privileged to film their wedding rites in Hong Kong and their reception in Macau. I must say that the wedding showcased the couple’s fine tastes and it was teeming with all the cultural significance that the newlyweds hold dearly. Faye is the picture of a truly fashionable and elegant bride. See how she effortlessly glided from one gown to the next. For that day alone, she could be starting a new fashion statement for all brides-to-be. Of course, the scenario won’t be complete without the dashing groom. True to his name, he is a real Romeo. Come to think of it, I think we just had a real-life princess and prince right there.

Congratulations Romeo and Faye!