Mar 21

Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Mango Farm

A famous news anchor was asked what would be the first thing he would buy if he wins the historic USD 1.5 Billion Powerball jackpot that was drawn a few weeks ago. He promptly answered “A watch, so that I would be reminded of winning the jackpot every time I look at my watch.”

The couple has decided to give each other timepieces as their personal wedding gifts. Debbie aptly puts it in her note that the watch is her gratitude to Paolo for “giving her time.” Giving time is as precious as giving material gifts to express one’s love. Being there for one another to go through life’s journey, to spend life together until the end of time is love in its purest form.

Congratulations, Paolo and Debbie! We hope that every time you look at your watch you will be reminded of this memorable event. Or better yet, watch your wedding video over and over again.

Feb 9

Discovery Suites
Mango Farm
Photo: Chito Cleofas

It was just black and white. No in-betweens. No period of doubt or hesitation. And that was how it was during Mark’s and Bettina’s wedding.

It was the day that only the bride can wear white. All members of the family and guests agreed to wear black. After all, it was Bettina’s special day. Bettina’s jovial self turned emotional as she walked going to the altar where a smiling Mark awaits her. If you see her in a playful mood before the wedding, that would all change during their exchange of vows, as she reads her own promises.

From their color scheme to their well-written vows, this couple is far from traditional. Despite their formal looking motif, the couple wore matching Chuck Taylor shoes. No wonder they enjoyed their dance. Their sure and steady steps will surely bring them to a wonderful lifetime journey.

Best wishes!

Jan 4

Discovery Suites
The Mango Farm
Photo: Atty. Raymond Fortun,  J Lucas Reyes Photography

Hi everyone! My apologies for the late update and posting on my blog.

I’m in the process of updating video shoot but not in particular order, like the shoot we had during Jason & Chyi’s wedding yesterday. Just you may know both these guys are photography hobbyists,at first they don’t intend to have services like ours.(Pls read the rest of the entry here.)

I was fortunate to be tapped to cover their special occasion of their cross one’s heart. With the guarantee of our craft, the couples were so nice to me & my team that they made us feel very cozy and welcomed. This inspires me to nurture more my craft.

My thanks to people like them and to you who visits my site.

Congrats Jason & Chyi!