Apr 17

The names are familiar, right? Yes, they were my couple client way back in October 2011. Though you may have seen their SDE here, I am sharing, this time, their full-length wedding film. After much collaboration on the songs they want included in the film, I think it is safe to say that they are now proud owners of a high definition wedding film, which they have starred in.

Now, that is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. What really blows me away is the fact that they are happy with my team’s work. It is always a pleasure to hear praises but I take to heart what my clients say about our work. With joyful tears, I share excerpts of  Madonna’s email to me:

Thanks a lot for the very nice output! For sure we’ll be watching it over and over again. Would also like to thank you for the good service, from reservation to the final output. I know we may not be as ‘big’ as your other clients, but you treated us without discrimination, and you gave us the right and professional service as a supplier. Thank you rin for keeping me cool during the preparations.

Well, that’s the thing. You don’t have to be a “big” client to get special treatment. Simply because, everyone gets special treatment. Every wedding is treated uniquely. We understand that the weddings you plan are your dreams in actions. And we do our best to capture all your moments – as they happen, when they happen.

I know this wedding film is just a little over 15 minutes. Just a quarter of an hour. But to Meynard and Madonna, this is timeless. Thank you for the trust!

Jul 16

I beg for your indulgence this time. Half a year ago, my team and I made a cinematic feature film on the wedding of two beautiful people – William and Maria. You can find their SDE here. But due to insistent requests to see their entire wedding film, (drum roll, please) I am offering you the front-row view.

Have a visual feast!

Sep 20

Taal Vista
Chapel on the Hill
Photo:  Richie Macapinlac

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