Jan 25

INC Locale of Meycauayan, Bulacan
Alessandra Gardens
Photo : Derrick LimPhotography
Coordination: Bouquet and Tiaras

I particularly liked the solemnity of this wedding and how it was God centered. See how the emotions of love and honor filled the church especially during the ceremony.

To Jonathan and Cristina, our best wishes! May you inspire others with your love and sincerity.

Jul 27

Childhood sweethearts. Chasing each other on the beach, with windmills for background. To be wed on a date that signals eternity. 12 – 12 – 12.

If you have lived in Manila for at least a month of your life this year, then you might think that the above is the formula for a popular drama series on television. But no, this save-the-date video is not about that particular sweetheart. Meet Darwin and Geebee, or more appropriately, Dr. Darwin and Dra. Geebee. They have been childhood sweethearts and both pursued Medicine as a career path. He is a pediatrician and she is an obstetrician. Their lives are so entwined that even their medical practice go hand-in-hand.

They have chosen to be wed in the picturesque city of Laoag on the 12th of December, year 2012. Surely, this is love that will last for a lifetime.

Dec 11

What is the shortest distance between Manila and Singapore? 

We recently found out the answer to this one when we had a shoot in Singapore for this couple’s save-the-date video. It is not expressed in kilometers or nautical miles. The shortest distance between these two places can be measured by how close Ched’s and Che’s hearts are. And I say, based on what we have seen, very close.

Planes, flowers, Internet – these are the staples to Ched’s and Che’s relationship. For every monthsary they celebrated, Ched in Singapore would send four dozens of flowers to Che in Manila, always accompanied with his personal note in a card. Ched did this consistently for 11 months, until he outdid himself on the 12th month. The 12th card read, “Will you marry me? Will you be my wife and share the rest of your life with me?” And that was more than enough to seal the deal.

Congratulations on your engagement! Counting the days till 2.28.2012!

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