Oct 22

The unceasing love between Glenn & Joanna unfold in this video on their honeymoon trip in U.S.A.

The confidence and satisfaction of Glenn and Joanna the way we documented their wedding which gave them instant decision to let us again do the editing of their post wedding video.

Honeymoon Video of Glenn & Joanna in U.S.A. from Garry Garza on Vimeo.
I’m having a hardtime uploading in exposure room, luckily not in vimeo

May 15

To make it a meaningful affair, here are some tips from the PRO:

  • Learn to delegate tasks at hand but be on top of it. Be sure to secure necessary permits needed for the actual wedding day, have people you trust directly involve with it.
  • Hire wedding photographers/videographers you feel most comfortable with. Personality is important when choosing the right one for the job. When you ‘connect’ with your photographers, it will reflect well on your photos.
  • Communication is the key. Inform us beforehand regarding shots that are important to you and your family and provide us with a family tree so we know where to focus attention on the actual shoot.
  • For the Bride – Stay hydrated to maintain ‘glow’ on your day. Keep lip gloss and powder close by for quick make-up touches.
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh when cameras are around. Shots will be more enticing when it captures real emotions.
  • For the Bride-to-be- You are allowed to be a “diva” on your wedding day so be yourself and PROJECT! After all, this comes once in a lifetime, better enjoy the moment.
  • Have nice songs play at your wedding. It will set the mood for the day.
  • Don’t be too conscious. A Wedding should be a fun affair, never stiff, never stressful. Allow yourself to enjoy that one special day in your life without having to think too much about other people than yourself and your partner.
  • Don’t limit yourself to endless possibilities when it comes to wedding shoots. Candid shots sometimes prove to be relentlessly good in the end. Enjoy the day and savor every moment