Dec 28

We have seen it countless times…
People who are opposites found their match in each other.
How can we forget the movie “When Harry met Sally?”
Jack and Rose (Titanic);
There was even Ross and Rachel of Friends..
Even Filipinos have their share of Popoy and Basha, isn’t it?

I liked how their love story evolved. From just one like on facebook…
Then a pm
and a movie date.
Perfect scenario for a lasting love right?

Yanno and Kris may be poles apart but they blend well together.
You can see it.
From their smiles and gestures..
And how they looked at each other
You would know that there’s genuine affection and much respect between them.

May the simplicity of how you started be the foundation of an everlasting married life for the both of you. Keep the fire burning and our best wishes.

Dec 3

Ascott Hotel BGC
Nuestra Señora de Gracia
Glass Garden
Photography: Jeff and Lisa
Coordinator: Alalay Ko

This wedding is set in an urban area but held in an old and historical church inspired by the Baroque architecture. This symbolizes the love that is designed by time and destiny, moved forward by the future of togetherness and strengthened by the binding of forever. Jason and Jan celebrated their wedding day with true love reflected in their laughter and tears.

From the Ascott Hotel to Nuestra Señora de Gracia church and Glass Garden, the ambiance of endless love is at its peak. From the messages shared by the couple to each other and from the non-verbal cues from their loved ones, the video captures the moments where true love, understanding, and happiness prevailed. Truly, this glorious nuptial event is worth remembering for a lifetime.

The moment they said ‘I do’ opened the road to forever that they had been waiting for. Everyone in the ceremony shared their happiness, they are likely the same people who have witnessed how their love was nurtured by time, trust and sincerity. The glow in the eyes of Jason and Jan showed how their wedding day has been much awaited from the time that they were engaged up to the last minute before the wedding bells played tunes.

Congratulations and Best wishes to the two of you!

Feb 6

San Antonio De Padua Silang
Taaleña Resto Tagaytay
Coordination: Rachelle Bautista @ EventsByRachelle
HMUA: Mikee Palmera
Photo: Parkershot Photography / Happy One Photography

They say that in a person’s life, there would always be that one person meant to be her destiny…

How you find that person may take some time but eventually, you’ll get there….

You’ll find that lucky one…

Heric and Joyce’s love story is a perfect example of fate and forever. What started on ‘We chat’ became the start of something beautiful for them. Hopefully, their story would inspire others to believe in the journey of everlasting love.

To you both, may you always find inspiration on how love found you.

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