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RM and KAYE Same Day Edit

Abagatan Ti Manila Transfiguration Chapel Photography: Freshmind Photography Coordination: Josephine Frando The wedding of RM and Kaye simply represents a love tested by time and all sort of Continue Reading

JOSEPH and JOANE Same Day Edit

I liked how the couple was able to be so at ease with the camera. Every shot was taken in a good angle… everything has its own story to tell. The bride, Joane, was ravishing with her glow Continue Reading

ALBERT and JELL Same Day Edit

"You are my strength and my weakness.." - Albert & Jell Vows would always be the highlight of the church ceremony in a wedding. It is during this time that we see the Continue Reading

ARJO and CLAIRE Same Day Edit

Narra Hill, Tagaytay Photo: Ian Santillan You know the cliché that goes” Set love free, if it comes back, then it’s yours to keep forever?” Such is the love story of Arjo and Claire Continue Reading

MALCOLM and NADIA Same Day Edit

Preparation: Tagaytay Woodlands and Woodridge Ceremony: Midlands Garden Reception: Midlands Veranda Photography: Bryan Venancio “Perfection.” That would be the word to describe the Continue Reading

BRYAN and MARINEL Same Day Edit

Aruga Hotel at the GROVE by Rockwell Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Renaissance Convention Center Photography: Pepe Fernandez Bridal HMUA: Navi Machie Albino Entourage HMUA: Addy Continue Reading

JEDI and JOYCE Same Day Edit

Richmonde Hotel Christ the King Mango Farm Photography: Nelwin Uy HMUA: Ten Franco OTD: Just like Ours What I like about having vows in the vernacular is that I feel it's more heartfelt. For Continue Reading

JOHN and ROMIE Same Day Edit

Do people still believe in Love at First sight? How about a photo on “Facebook” at first sight? Their love story started overseas and is somewhat “digital.” For what could be more cuter Continue Reading

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